Just Absolute Return

Carma Advisory is specialized in the development of quantitative trading systems. Our firm conviction is that a mathematical approach to trading provides a distinct advantage over both discretionary trading and a traditional buy & hold approach.

Why Carma Advisory

Absolute Return

One of our principal goals is to deliver positive returns regardless of market conditions

Skin in the game

We trade our strategies with our own money

Multiple Markets

Diversification among trading methodologies, security types and geographical focus

Continuous Learning

Strategies are tested over multiple year backtests and in live trading and are adjusted over time to adapt to changing and constantly evolving market conditions

Firm Organization


Alessandro Cocciola

Alessandro Cocciola has 14 years of experience in the financial markets. He is the Principal Managing Partner of Carma Advisory. Mr. Cocciola specializes in mechanical trading and portfolio management with a focus on long/short equity strategies. Alessandro is graduate of Economics and Banking at the University of Macerata (Italy) and has gained significant experience in leading Italian asset management companies as a Portfolio Manager and as a Risk Manager.


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